Madison, may we ask you a question?

As a Giveback Homes, Ambassador For Change, Madison Hildebrand is taking giving to the next level and will be joining us on our trip to Nicaragua this May to build a home for a family in need. We sat down wtih Madison and asked him some questions about giving, his packing priorities, and how we can make social good Realtors the social norm, let's see what he had to say... 

If you could only bring 3 things on the trip, what would they be?

Yikes!  Well, I would love to bring my rescue doberman,  Maya, because she would love and support everybody in the community (as well as be my cuddle buddy). I do plan on bringing an extra suitcase full of things that I can give away to the members of the community. Lastly, knowing myself, I should probably pack a first-aid kit, because I am notorious for finding trouble. Hahah.













What has been your best giving experience?

My best giving experience was learning that 'one who freely gives, freely receives.'  

I learned this at a young age, when I was 20 years old and had just returned from an amazing trip to Kenya, Africa. It was there I met a young local who became an instant friend of mine. He showed me around town, explained his lifestyle and we became close friends. When I got back to the states,  I decided to send a box of goods to him, including, cameras, tools, books and a few other things that they just didn't have there. Inside the book I hid a hundred dollar bill on page 100 (which at the time was a lot of money for me). I emailed him to look inside the book for an additional surprise (their government opens packages, so cash and such needed to be hidden). The day I went to the post office to send his package to Africa, I came back to my job at the Malibu Beach Inn hotel where I was working as the front desk manager.  I was checking in a new guest, as usual, and after handing him the keys to the room, he handed me a hundred dollar bill. Never did I receive a tip from a guest at the front desk in that amount, especially from a stranger and especially within a half hour after sending $100 to my friend in Kenya. This was proof, that by giving, with zero intentions of receiving, the universe has the power to give back (at rapid speeds).

From that point forward I have always been a believer in giving from your heart, freely.



What person has the most influence on your life?

Both of my grandparents have had the most influence on my life, values, and purpose.  At the age of 93, they just celebrated 70 years of marriage this past December.  Their dedication to each other, their family, to others their work ethic, their honesty, and their overall joy for life is special.  I honor and respect them so much! 

What are you most excited about on this trip?

Certainly connecting with a different culture, obviously being of service and I am looking forward to the physical labor! Also, I hope to build long lasting relationships, yet, more than anything I am looking forward to seeing the smiles on the faces of those we are there to help. 


How do you define success? 

Success for me is balance.  Enjoying my passions, friends, family and laughter.  Doing what I love, love what I am doing.  Staying present and in the moment is the biggest success.  My mom always had little messages around the house when I was growing up that said, "Live well, laugh often, love much." 


What did you want to be when you grow up?

What I wanted to be was a billionaire (hahahahahaha)!! But seriously, I wanted to be that so I could have enough money to give back and be a serial entrepreneur.  Similar to what I am doing now , but on a much bigger scale. 

I love being a real estate agent, but I also honor my partnerships as the Ambassador for companies like DocuSignLeverage Global Partners, and of course Giveback Homes.  


At Giveback Homes, we believe social good realtors, should be the social norm. Do you think this is possible and how?

Certainly. I think realtors don't always have the best reputation and people think they make too much money and that we are greedy. So I think that this program is a perfect opportunity for every Realtor to demonstrate that can give back to their community by providing shelter for those less fortunate.

Giveback Homes is a perfect match for our industry.