Like-Minded Athletes and CEOs: Changing Lives One Home at a Time

Like-Minded Athletes Move to Create Social Change


What do the CEO of Lululemon, a former Heisman trophy winner, an NBA star and an MLB All-Star have in common?


They all are committed to creating social change in the real estate industry through Giveback Homes. Laurent Potdevin (Lululemon), Matt Leinart (2005 Heisman Trophy recipient), Richard Jefferson (Dallas Mavericks) and Alex Rodriguez (New York Yankees) have all joined the Giveback Homes movement by simply using a Giveback Homes Realtor and then also donating directly to help fund a home for a family in need. 


Most recently, Alex Rodriguez made a dream come true for Gregoria and her family by gifting them a safe and clean place to call home. For Gregoria and her three children (Maykeling [13], Eric [7] and Josue [3]) this home (made possible through his partnership with Giveback Homes) is the best gift she has ever received and you can tell that by simply looking at the smile on her face when she unlocked her front door for the first time-ever.


Gregoria unlocking the door to her new home

This home means an entirely new life for Gregoria and her family. She hand makes and delivers over 200 tortillas every single day at 6am. The days are long but she has a family to support so there is no time to be tired. She makes $150 a month, which is just barely enough to make ends meet, let alone build her dream home, but with the help of a generous baseball player in the United States she now has that dream home and can rest easy knowing her children are safe within those walls.

 "It truly is incredible that we're able to connect Alex Rodriguez with Gregoria and her family in Nicaragua, and send him a video of Gregoria thanking him personally."- Founder, Blake Andrews


Gregoria previously lived in an old house with dirt floors and a rusted roof. Her kitchen filled the house with smoke every time she cooked, aggravating her chronic allergies and creating a living environment that was extremely unhealthy for her children. 


Gregory making tortillas in her kitchen


“Through Giveback Homes, every donation goes a long way, changes lives and has a lasting impact for generations to come,” said Giveback Homes Founder, Blake Andrews. "It truly is incredible that we're able to connect Alex Rodriguez with Gregoria and her family in Nicaragua and send him a video of Gregoria thanking him personally." 



Gregoria’s new home will enable her to invest in her business. Her new kitchen allows her to make tortillas without affecting her health or her children’s health. She’s also most proud of the fact that she now has something to leave her children one day. 


“Everyone who is in the market to buy or sell a home should think about it as a ripple effect,” said Giveback Homes Founder, Blake Andrews. “Do you want your transaction to end at the immediate gratification of purchasing or selling your home? Do you want your transaction to ripple and be responsible for building a better future for someone in need? The answer to me is simple. Choose the ripple. Choose a Giveback Homes member.” 

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and learn about the lives that Giveback Homes is changing.

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