Lululemon CEO Joins the Giveback Homes Movement


May 18th, 2015 

Gladys and her family received the keys to their new home and it's been beautifully painted blue. Thanks to our Members, Realtors, Brigitte Pratt and Colleen Cole as well as their client Laurent Potdevin for making this possible. 





May 4th, 2015 

Walls are going up on a home for Gladys and her family! 











Congrats to Giveback Homes Realtors, Brigitte Pratt and Colleen Cole! Together, they represented Lululemon CEO, Laurent Potdevin on the sale of his home in Manhattan Beach, CA. Even better, they joined forces with Potdevin to fund a complete home for a Gladys, Rafael and their family in Nicaragua. See their story below!

Before his position at Lululemon, Potdevin was President at TOMS where he saw first-hand the impact of helping those in developing countries.

"For me, joining an organization like Giveback Homes isn't simply about giving back. This is about building a social good empire," said Potdevin. "When Blake MyCoskie created TOMS shoes, I'm sure he didn't realize it would inspire socially responsible entrepreneurs all over the world to build upon his dreams. I'm so proud of all that Giveback Homes has accomplished since their start in 2012 and will champion their efforts every inch of the way." 

And now, the best part... Meet the family Laurent's home will build a home for...

Gladys and Rafael Davila, are married, and together they have two children, Rosa 13, and Rafael Jr. 12. Gladys never had the opportunity to go to school and doesn’t know how to read or write. However, as a self-taught entrepreneur, she has learned math and many other crucial life skills along the way.













As a baby, Gladys and her brothers were abandoned, she can't even remember who cared for them as children. Her only memories involve seeking shelter and constantly moving from home to home. At the age of 13, she met Rafael, and they have been together ever since. Her husband and her children are the only real family she has ever known.

Despite these challenges, Gladys continues to hold her head high and always has a warm smile on her face. She makes a living selling homemade tortillas, but the constant inhalation of smoke is starting to take a toll on her lungs, so she's hoping to start selling sugars and juices. Her husband, Rafael sells bread on the streets and together they earn about $200/month. 













They currently live in a structure with dirt floors and old wooden walls. Every time it rains, their entire floor turns to mud. Gladys has never lived in a real home before, and has always dreamed of being able to provide a safe haven for her children to grow up in. Now because of Giveback Homes Realtors, Brigitte and Colleen, and their client Laurent Potdevin, her dream will become a reality. 

















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