A New Home for Petrona and her Family!


May 7th, 2017 

Petrona and her family feel happy now in their home. Her and her daughter have been able to start a business ironing clothes for their community, which is something that would not have been possible in their old living conditions. Together, they raise Petrona's granddaughter, Genesis  and their dog, Oso. 

They hope to continue providing a good life for Genesis and the other children in their family. 





July 29th, 2015 


Step inside Petrona's home, where she and her family will have a real floor, electricity, a door and windows with locks, a roof that doesn't leak, and a design that allows them to add more rooms! Thank you to Giveback Homes Agents and their clients for making this smile possible! 
























July 9th, 2015

Walls are going up!





June 9th, 2015 


Thanks to Giveback Homes Members and their very generous donations we have officially funded a home for Petrona and her family! Construction will begin soon! 

Donating Members: 

Joe Brady & Cristina Lopez

Victoria Guasco

Pam Adamson

Christiano Sampaio

Jamie Bulaich

Bob Sparks & Dawn Adams



May 5th 2015


Giveback Homes Members are currently fundraising for #AHomeForPetrona ! Read her story below and consider making a contribution to help bring us one step closer! 


Petrona Palacios Luna


Petrona is a 54-year-old widow, she lives with three of her daughters, two of them are single mothers themselves and she is the sole caregiver for five other grandchildren. Petrona works selling tortillas, and washing and ironing clothes in the neighborhood that she has lived for the past 26 years. Petrona suffers from cataracts and burning pain in her eyes, chronic headaches and pain in her arm. These are all consequences of direct exposure to the smoke from her wood fire stove.




Her land was donated by the government and her home was built by her husband from scratch with materials like old, rotted wood, zinc sheets and plastic. Since their house was too small she asked for help to build an extension, a good friend of hers gave her more of the same old wood materials and a foreigner friend also contributed with more wood for an extra bedroom. The house is pretty damaged because of Petrona’s very low income and inability to give it the proper maintenance or better construction materials.