Member Spotlight - Christiano Sampaio

Giveback Homes Realtor, Christiano Sampaio, founded Loftway in 2003 on the principles of customization and personal service and has been catering to LOFT dwellers ever since.  

“We prefer local expertise and exceptional marketing over corporate franchising," says Christiano "by being light and fast we can move with the market and adapt to the ever-changing environment without missing a beat."  


 What's the proudest moment in your career so far?

The proudest moment was when I started my own brokerage seven years ago. In 2014 we were the office          with most sales in Downtown LA.


 What's the biggest challenge first time homebuyers face?

I think for most first time buyers the biggest challenge is to save enough for the down payment, but is  particularly hard now because of the low inventory and tough competition of seasoned and more qualified buyers.



 How do you hope to impact communities through  joining Giveback Homes?

I hope to make a difference in peoples lives on an area that I understand so well and provides me with an amazing life. I feel really lucky and want to give back anyway I can.  Giveback homes gives me that opportunity.


 How has the real estate profession evolved in the last 5 years?

With the advances in software and online resources the agent is not the only source of information anymore, therefore we have to adapt to this new reality. The new tools and technology available make the process easier and more efficient for both agents and principals.


What's one piece of advice you give people looking for their first home?

Do not overextend yourself. Set a limit and don’t get emotionally attached when you go in on a situation with multiple offers. The market is hot now, but it could shift and you will be upside down


 What do you do when you're not selling lofts?

My hobbies are work, work, work. When I am not working I am playing racquetball, beach volleyball or traveling.


Christiano donates 2% of the Gross commission on all the sales transactions. Click here to see how much they've given so far.