Matt Curtis & David Perkins Build Five Homes for Families in Nicaragua

Giveback Homes Member, Matt Curtis, recently joined us on a Build Trip to Nicaragua where we got to meet some of the families he has funded homes for. 

"I felt led to not only give but inspire my sphere of influence to make donations for the homes," said Curtis 

And Matt did just that! He inspired David Perkins, a State Farm insurance agent to donate as well, and together they funded five homes for families living in extreme poverty in Nicaragua. Here are their stories... 


Flora del Carmen Bermudez 

Flora is a 58 years old single mother. She lives with her son, Nelson, who is 36 years old, and her daughter lives just next door and helps out every time she has a chance. So far Nelson has only been able to find a seasonal job at the nearby sugarmill. He is the sole provider of the family and earns approximately $38 per month to support both of them.

For several years now, Flora has been suffering from kidney failure, diabetes and degenerative disc disease. Flora has been living in her home for the past 17 years. The structure is made of wood, bricks and rotten zinc sheets for a roof. They don’t have a bathroom or concrete floor, which often makes Flora’s health condition even worse. 














Mildred Maribel Morales

Mildred Maribel Morales is 43 years old. She is married to Jorge Gutierrez, who is 32 years old and works as a security guard earning approximately $100 a month. Mildred also lives with her 2 daughters and a grandson. The oldest, Sheyla Tellez Morales, is 23 years old and works as a babysitter. Vaneska, a year younger is working in the sugar cane fields at the mill. Together they earn an income of approximately $290 a month. Mildred spends her time taking care of her 1 year old grandson Isayana Paredes while her daughter goes to work. She owns the house where they currently live, but the walls are made cracked wooden boards; and the inner division are made of plastic bags. The zinc sheets on the roof are shabby and have holes.















Argentina Aleman Rivera

Argentina Aleman is 36 years old. She was unable to finish her primary education because she was forced to start working and help provide for her family. She’s now married to Jorge Luis Bermudez and he works as a bus driver. Together they have 3 children, Hazel Bermudez Aleman is the oldest at 17 years old, she has a 3 year old son, Joseph Pavon Bermudez and she is currently 3 months pregnant. Hazel works as a waitress at the Barcelo Montelimar Hotel, for a combined income of approximately $400 a month.

Their home is made of old wood, and the ceiling cover is made of old zinc sheets. The roof is very unstable and strong winds uplift it and their walls are insecure as well. 
















Marlene Jimenez

Marlene earns her salary as a cook and then comes home to take care of her family. Juana Lopez, her mother, suffers from kidney failure and is unable to walk on her own. Marlenes 10 year old son, Engel Vallecillo, suffers from asthma. Her daughter Cecilia, was a premature baby and is now mentally disabled. She has brain damage and suffers from seizures. Cecilia needs special attention and Marlene takes her to the hospital every three months.

Juana’s retirement pension and Marlene’s income combined are about $135 a month. Marlene struggles to feed her family and cover for their medicines and treatments. 
















Esperanza Pavón Sánchez 

Esperanza Pávon and her husband Carlos Manuel Mojica live with their 4 children, Juan Carlos, Luisa, David and Justin. Luisa suffers from a learning disorder and hasn’t been able to pass the 1st grade. David is 9 years old and also suffers from a speech disorder, he has yet to speak his first word. 

Esperanza is unable to work because of the special care her children need everyday. Carlos earns approxiamtely $125 per month. Their house is made of old wood, stones and rusted zinc.  

















To donate and help build a home for a family in need, please click here. 100% of your contribution will go directly towards building homes.