A Home for Juana Huete

October 15th 2015

Thank you to all of our Members for making this possible. Juana's home is painted beatifully and her life is changed forever. 



Sept 14th 2015

Juana and her granddaughters now have a roof over their heads, and doors that lock, something they've always dreamed of having.




























Sept 1st 2015

Walls are going up on a home for Juana! 


Aug 13th 2015

A home for Juana is officially funded! Construction will begin soon thanks to the following Giveback Homes Agents and their clients for making contributions: 

Christina & Joe Brady 

Todd Pearl 

Carrie Qualters

Mark Leddy

Irene Medina 

Sean Dinneen

Manal Shaikh 

Construction will begin soon! Stay tuned for updates!



June 30th 2015


Giveback Homes Members are currently fundraising for #AHomeForJuana ! Read her story below and consider making a contribution to help bring us one step closer! 


Juana Huete begins her day by waking up at the break of dawn, seven days a-week to start making dough for the tortillas.  Every morning she makes 150 tortillas to sell in-time for breakfast.  In 2008, Juana opened up a portion of her home as a store to sell tortillas, curds and juices from the outside. On average she makes $110 per month from her store.
















Juana shares her home with her son, Alessio Antonio Lazo, who is 20 years old and is a construction worker whenever he finds projects. Juana is the sole provider for her twin granddaughters, Danaliet and Danaseli, both 13 years old. The mother of the twins, Juana’s daughter, abandoned them as babies and Juana has taken care of them ever since.

















Juana’s house is made of old scrap wood and has dirt floors. During the rainy season, the house floods and all of their belongings get soaked.  The roof consists of rusty zinc with doors and windows made of boards. The home does not have running water or a bathroom. 







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