Agent & Brokerage Tips: How to Appeal to the New Generation of Homebuyers

 In real estate, being available to your clients is key and with social  media there are more opportunities than ever to connect with potential homebuyers. But there's a big difference between having a website and Facebook page, and really being an active and available agent. 

 Here are some of my Dos and Don'ts for engaging with homebuyers in the digital age: 

Don’t have a contact form on your website as the only way to reach you. I think about it this way: the harder it is to get in touch with you, the less likely people will be to do so. Realtors should be proactive and the successful ones are. Homebuyers are not interested in filling out a form and then sitting around waiting for a call that may never come. People are busy with their lives so let’s help them out and make connecting easy. Provide a contact number so clients can call or text. Be available. When we put clients’ needs first it starts the relationship off right.


Do have at least one public form of social media. Social media is Queen! Pick at minimum one platform whether it's Facebook, Instagram or Twitter where you will be very public and very active. Clients want a glimpse into the real you and your headshot tells us nothing (except that you look great!). Embrace the digital age and have fun with it. Make sure to include social media links/icons on your website. I've looked at hundreds of realtor sites where they didn't have social icons, but I later found them on Twitter or Facebook where they were sharing great stuff. Make it easy for people to find you, to get to know you, and to connect. All of the content you share can endear potential clients to you. We all love photos, and if your feed or page is filled with lots of amazing photos of homes, your neighborhood, and the delicious meals you’ve eaten, we'll appreciate that. And puppies… we love photos of puppies too. 


Don't make it all about you… While I very much appreciate that you're a top producing, premiere agent, with countless awards, and record breaking sales… let's talk about something else first.  Anything else.  Tell a story; don’t just share your resume. On your website or blog, you could share a story about your previous clients, what crazy thing did you go through together to make sure they got the keys to their dream home? Did you sit outside in the rain, waiting for an inspector to come? If I’m a potential client, I like that. It shows me you're dedicated to your clients, instead of just listing "Dedicated to my clients" as a bullet point on your site. When possible: Show, don't tell. Find creative ways to integrate stories into your website, blog, business cards, social media.  You’ve got so many stories to share. 


Do make your touch points count! Ok, I'm a potential client and I'm receiving weekly or monthly e-blasts from you. Things like "Just Listed/Just Sold", "Coming soon", or "Happy Labor Day", those are great details to share, but I’m looking for some sort of value, stuff that appeals to me and keeps me from unsubscribing.  Try giving youreslf a simple litmus test: would I read this? Would I click through on these links? Would I find this engaging? There are easy ways to add value to e-blasts: Talk about upcoming community events, philanthropic efforts you're involved with and how others can get involved, share new developments in your area, a new delicious donut shop.  This sort of content shows you are a real person, a real member of the community with interests and value to share.  Make these e-blasts so good, your clients just can’t stop reading them!


There's really so much we can do to harness the power of social media.  Done right we can make new, lasting connections, reach new clientele and have some fun along the way! 


- Caroline Pinal 

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Realtor Dos and Don’ts: How to Appeal to the New Generation of Homebuyers from Givebackhomes