Giveback Homes Announces New Story As Exclusive Partner to Build Homes in Haiti


Giveback Homes Selects New Story As Exclusive Partner To Build Homes in Haiti


First Giveback Homes member, Nick Schneider helps launch the partnership by funding a new home in honor of his client, Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart.   


MANHATTAN BEACH, CA and SAN FRANCISCO, CA  -- 10/22/15 -- Giveback Homes, a leading for-profit real estate social responsibility and marketing agency today announced a strategic partnership with New Story, a non-profit that crowd-funds houses for families living in danger throughout the world.


The new partnership is fueled by the growing trend that the real estate industry has embraced in organizing their social responsibility efforts. Giveback Homes Members now have a build partner in Haiti that meets the criteria of 100% of the member contributions go directly towards building life-changing homes. 


 “We’re devastated by the ongoing situation in Haiti and are excited about our partnership with New Story. They’re doing a great job scaling the rebuilding efforts,” said Blake Andrews, Founder of Giveback Homes. “At Giveback Homes, we are dedicated to the triple bottom line: helping people, responsible growth, and the betterment of the planet. Our new partnership directly aids the people of Haiti, their local economy, and ultimately our entire interconnected world.” added Andrews.

The first Giveback Homes member, real estate agent Nick Schneider offered his support for the launch, funding the first new home of the partnership in Haiti in honor of his client, Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL quarterback Matt Leinart.   

Brett Hagler, CEO and Co-Founder of New Story, added: "We believe that when you donate money to a cause, you should always know exactly who you're helping and where the money is going. We are excited to partner with Blake and the Giveback Homes team.”

 New Story built a fully transparent giving platform that gives donors the power to see who they are helping and get a video of the family in their new home. New Story is also committed to using local construction vendors to help support the local economy, creating a continuing cycle of social good.


Giveback Homes is dedicated to simplifying the real estate industry’s efforts to create social change through the act of buying and selling a home. Providing real estate professionals with a turnkey solution to organize social responsibility effort, and enhance company culture and agent satisfaction.  



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To make a donation to help a deserving family in Haiti or to any of our other build projects, please click here.