Agent & Brokerage Tips: Give Back & Make it Authentic




Self-promotion can be a tricky business especially when it comes to what we do outside of work. And not surprisingly, many of us are skeptical of people and companies’ claims to want to do good. I know Realtors who give generous amounts of time and money to various charities and causes, but they don't promote this to their clients because they don't want it to look like they're doing charity work for the PR. This can be a huge missed opportunity. On the flip side, there are also the companies that are writing checks and posing for photo ops, but failing to share the impact they're making in a compelling and authentic way. 




There are many ways to share your philanthropic efforts and make it authentic.  Here are a few:


1. Make it Matter - First and foremost, find a cause that you are actually passionate about and explain why in your communication. If you own a brokerage, ask your agents what matters most to them, and then find a way to get involved, something that goes beyond writing a check. Most importantly, find a cause and no-profit partner that is willing to show you exactly where your funds are being allocated and can provide tangible results. 

2. Prove it - Promoting causes that you support is a great way to connect with clients, especially those who support the same cause.  Shared interests can provide the foundation of a strong relationship. However, promoting a cause  needs to be more than just adding a tab on your website with the logos of several different non-profits. All that says it that you write lots of checks. Challenge yourself or your brokerage to do more. Share actual stories and photos of the people, places or animals you're helping. Most importantly, be sure to to measure the impact you're making (beyond dollars donated) and the success of your program. Claims of making a difference are no longer enough. People, clients, millennials, everyone wants to see the proof. 


3. Make It Part of Your Business - Realtors & Brokerages have to promote themselves, so why not make it personal (and make it count).  Realtors & Brokerages also have to share their successes – how many houses they’ve sold, total dollar volume in sales, why not extend to this to work in the community as well.  While clients appreciate that you were the #1 agent in your brokerage three years in a row, they also want to know that you're a champion for social good and that you're making a real impact for a cause you believe in.  That speaks to your character and the kind of the person you are. Make it a point to talk about your cause when meeting clients for the first time and include your charitbale stats in your marketing and online profiles. 

Why is this so important? Because if done right, it can help your bottom line. Sharing your do -good efforts and experiences will result in leads and help do more good. 55% of global consumers prefer to support a company that is committed to positive social and environmental impact. But it comes down to being authentic.  In business and in life, it’s important to share your authentic self with the world and to trust that if you do, good things will happen. 


- Caroline Pinal 

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