A Home for Noel in Haiti

February 18th, 2016

Welcome home Noel! 

After 5 horriffic years of living in dangerous tent, Noel and his family moved into their house- a place for piece, prosperity, security, legacy and opportunity! 


 Thank you to our members for making this home possible! 




February 5th, 2016

We have officially funded a home for Noel and his family in Haiti! A huge thank you to all our members that have contributed and made this home possible. Stay tuned for construction updates and follow along on social media with #ahomefornoel

Katie Gee
Robert Stewart
Sara Sutachan
Gary Lazarus 














Noel dreams of moving into a home. Since the 2010 earthquake destroyed his home 5 years ago, Noel and his family have been living in a thin tarp tent. Life in their tent slum is merely survival. Noel’s tent houses his wife Marchila and their 6 children, including their one-year-old daughter Guerda. These loving parents are melon farmers and work hard “to have the money for our children to go forward in life”, Marchila says. The one-room, mud-floored tent is dirty, crowded, and painfully hot. “It’s impossible to stay inside when the sun is out, we have to take the baby outside until the sun goes down”. Imagine not being able to relax in your own home. When it rains, this family is completely drenched as their tent is tattered and torn. These living conditions combines with lack of sanitation and access to clean water contribute to poor health. A home is more than just a shelter – it promotes improved health, better performance in school, and the ability to take advantage of opportunities.

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