3 Ways to Maximize Social Media During The Holidays - Katie Lance


Giveback Homes is pleased to welcome, Katie Lance as our guest blogger to share her key tips on how to be social during the holidays. 


 3 Ways Real Estate Pros Can Maximize Social Media During the Holidays


The end of the year is a busy time for any real estate professional. As you wind down the year, get ready for the holidays and start to think about the next year – there are a few key things you can do on social media that make a big difference.


  • Self-audit. Now is a great time to assess all of your social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others to see that your profile photo is up-to-date, that your bios are current and that your contact information is present. Don’t be a secret agent! Make sure your email and website are listed on all of your social media platforms. Now is also a great time to assess what platforms make the most sense for you and your business. Which ones are most of your clients on? Which ones do you tend to get the most response on? Which ones do you enjoy the most? In social media, an agent doesn’t need to be all things to all people – so choose one or two platforms to focus on for the year ahead.


  • Create lists and get organized. Now is a great time to get organized especially with your Facebook friends. Most people have 300 or more Facebook friends which can make your time on Facebook feel a bit chaotic. I love being able to make specific, private lists on Facebook of people that you really want to connect with. I recommend creating lists for your family and close friends, but also perhaps your real estate colleagues, clients and potential clients.


  • Connect one-to-one.During this time of year, don’t underestimate the power of reaching out and connecting one-to-one to people through a private message on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. There is a great deal of power in taking the time to send a personal message – or even a short video or audio message (using Facebook Messenger.)


Last but not least, this is a great time of year to not just focus on social media for business, but to take the time to get to know people on a more personal level through what they are sharing.  I always say, we do business with people we respect and trust - but we do business with people over and over again whom we really connect with.


The holidays and the end of the year are a great time to connect. Make it a great year!


Katie Lance is the founder of Katie Lance Consulting – a social media consulting firm specializing in working with real estate and tech companies. She’s a blogger, speaker  and proud consultant for Giveback Homes.  You can find more resources from Katie at http://katielance.com/blog.