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Nishi Wise

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(510) 847-4961

Zip Code East Bay
Kensington, CA
Residential Real Estate Agent

I was born and raised in Berkeley California with the ideals that all people are important and different points of views are always relevant. I attended Berkeley public schools, graduating on to UC Santa Barbara. I transfered to California College of Arts and Crafts to pursue my love of the arts. I currently show and sell my painting at local art galleries.

Growing up with my father being the head of the Environmental Protection Agency for the San Francisco Bay Area, my brother and I grew up with a point of view that the planet is our most precious resource and it must be protected. The green movement that resonates throughout the Bay Area is important to Zip Code East Bay, this is part of why I am part of their team.

In addition to being a licensed agent, I have also worked for East Bay developers and several other clients in the industry. I enjoy helping my clients find fixer homes to purchase and renovate, and I love seeing a house brought back to a life.