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Ryan Woodward

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Bank of America
Santa Monica, CA
Mortgage Broker

RYAN WOODWARD, NMLS700492 Senior Lending Officer, Bank of America - Santa Monica, CA . Over the course of his 15-year career as a mortgage lender he has personally closed hundreds of millions of dollars in home loans. He has deftly handled some of the most complicated loan transactions in the industry, ranging from the financing of construction projects on commercial buildings, to take-out loans, FHA approvals, Fannie Mae Approvals, and the individual financing of units in large condominium projects and tracts specializing in jumbo financing. He has closed complex transactions for multiple corporate entities, LLCs, non-occupant co-applicants, multiple borrower’s scenarios, Foreign Nationals, small commercial and home equity. Ryan’s motto is a “single point of contact you can count on.” Ryan began his career with Wells Fargo Home Loans in 2001, where he excelled as a loan officer for five years. Following, he moved to GMAC Mortgage where he was responsible for starting up a Los Angeles office with an emphasis on construction and building projects. The experience he gained helped to establish the company’s presence in Los Angeles. In doing so, he led local building trade conferences, guided marketing efforts and hired employees. Next, Ryan distinguished himself as a loan officer for five years at Bank of America and then three years at Carlyle Financial. Among his achievements: the President’s, Chairman’s, and Platinum production levels as a VP.. Over time, Ryan created alliances with real estate offices and builders, financing large developments, and serving as a consultant for new mortgage companies. These qualities have enabled Ryan to outpace other bankers by staying focused yet fluid in a constantly changing real estate market within his mortgage banking career.