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Sheldon Rilliet

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Alain Pinel Realtors
Burlingame, CA
Residential Real Estate Agent

Serving the San Francisco and Upper Peninsula
- San Francisco
- Hillsborough
- San Mateo
- Burlingame
- Including Surrounding Cities

Sheldon's Thoughts on Real Estate

Buying or Selling a home is not a one person show; it requires a team and a lot of cogs moving together as one. It truly is a relationship based business that requires the ability to work through complex processes and emotions. If finances were the only part of a RE transaction it would be rather cut and dry, however the ability to provide the best possible service and knowledge has proven to best equally as important in residential real estate as simply negotiating towards the winner take all mentality.

My highest goals are to serve clients with respect, fairness and integrity while providing them with the highest level of service. I bring a strong sense of moral and emotional intelligence into the way I do business and pride myself on trying to handle things the right way. I have joined Give Back Homes to literally give back to people that need shelter, and support. Give Back Homes assures that 100% of donations go to the people that need help the most.

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