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Tili Reyes

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Intero Real Estate Services
Houston, TX
Residential Real Estate Agent

With a strong desire for success Tili Reyes, mastered courses and received various certifications such as real estate finance, laws, principles and practice, all of which led her to earn her license with the Texas Real Estate Commission. As a person, she has been dedicated to developing and nurturing her personal and professional skills in order to help individuals and families reach their home ownership goals. Tili has seen and been involved in many changes throughout her 15 years in mortgage lending. By taking a leap to real estate from mortgage lending, Tili found success in producing 23 total units within her first year in the business obtaining nearly two times the sales of an average agent in their first year. Despite her real estate career Tili, enjoys the sounds of great music, dancing and crafting. She eagerly accepts new challenges but her sincere commitment to providing exceptional service to homeowners most certainly has NOT! Today, as a real estate professional, she is bringing those same skills, and talents to Intero Real Estate Services, Houston, Texas. As a realtor she has a strong work ethic, dependable, reliable, and is ready to earn your trust. She will put her knowledge to work for you. Don't just hire a realtor - hire Tili and accept nothing less than excellence!